Free Yoga Class with Raw Yoga and Wellbeing

Flow Yoga Class / Raw Yoga & Wellbeing. This practice is open for any level of experience. The Practice will include yoga poses to stretch, strengthen and hopefully relax the body and mind. You may want to bring your own yoga mat and anything else you use to support your practice. Otherwise we will offer […]

Your home, our planet, energy efficient houses

Housing matters to us all. We can’t make enough for now or the future, and the way we build them has not changed much since early European settlers arrived. We need more homes and faster. But – we also know there is no Planet B. We discuss how can we create better homes for now […]

Unlocking Digestive Freedom: How Enzymes Work on FODMAPs

Discover how enzymes like fructan hydrolase, alpha-galactosidase, and lactase can empower individuals with FODMAP intolerance to enjoy a diverse diet without digestive discomfort. Explore how FODZYME, an innovative enzyme supplement, works to provide relief and transform lives.

Plant-Based Recipes for Everybody

Want to reach your best state of physical and emotional health this year? Join Buffy Ellen Gill, owner and creator of Be Good Organics, New Zealand’s largest plant-based recipe blog, for a whole foods extravaganza. At this workshop, she’ll show you how you can easily make one of her favourite plant-based recipes at home, in […]

Identifying Toxins + Healing with Diet and Herbs

You will discover how the world’s most common diseases and leading causes of death are directly linked to commonly ingested and everyday environmental toxins. You will then see how the body can be healed from these effects with the simplest and most overlooked natural method on earth. Discover an ancient but modern detoxification and healing […]

Taking Action for Our Planet

If you enjoy spending time in nature, no matter the activity or level of competitiveness, there is an intrinsic connection between athletes and climate action. Athletes for Nature is a tribal movement of outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate nature’s importance and take action to protect it. Come learn how we can all advocate for positive change. […]

Cannabis oils and alternatives explained

This workshop will explain the endocannabinoid system (ECS), how it works, what plants activate it, the difference between direct cannabinoids and indirect cannabinoids, pros and cons of each and then how to use them in therapy for different chronic health conditions. We will talk about the cannabis regulations in New Zealand. Finally we will share […]

How does Chiropractic change the brain

The human frame and nervous system are not made to function in this modern world. Find out how chiropractic works. Learn how to adapt to this modern life with simple tips, advice and exercises from one of our experienced Chiropractors.