Yoga Psychology For Sustainable Living

A presentation on the Yoga wisdom of ancient India in elevating consciousness for higher levels of awareness to encompass harmony with nature. Let’s influence the ecosphere by getting to the root of our crisis. If we want to make a difference, we need to be the change that we want to see in the world. […]

Introducing Vietnam’s Products

We look forward to bringing and showcasing our best products to NZ. This goes a long way to helping boost trade turnover between Vietnam and New Zealand. Presented By: Ms. Helen

Increasing Social Connectivity Through Wellness

Recently, we bumped into our old mate research. According to whom, one of the most crucial factors for staying gorgeous, is to form proper face-to-face connections with the people around us. Not just friends and family, but the people we work with, too is about helping you use the natural. You can use breaks at […]

Are You Your Own Best Doctor?

Come find out how a simple concept, that is appropriate for people of all ages and scientifically proven, can optimize your body’s ability to perform at its best on all levels. You’ll discover how your own built-in system controls and orchestrates all of your body functions and understand more clearly how you can supercharge your […]

What The Gut?!

Did you know that jelly is a superfood for your digestion?! Learn the A to Z’s of gut health, from apples to zinc. You’ll be surprised how many of your niggling health issues can be linked to your gut! Presented By: Liv Kennedy

Plant-Based Nutrition for Sport

Providing a little insight into getting the most out of a wholefood plant-based diet for sport, this seminar will cover the basics of training and recovery, the importance of wholefood versus supplementation, the hot topic of protein, and plenty time to answer questions. Ben Eitelberg is a highly accredited and experienced endurance sports coach and […]

Support your Organs: Oriental Thinking with Western Herbs

This seminar will bring Western Herbs into a new fresh light when it comes to their use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our organs are the holders of our wellbeing. Using TCM principles when choosing western herbs for the support of each organ function can make us more connected to our health. How? Come and […]

Eczema – Beyond the Skin

Eczema is not just a skin issue. It is a systemic issue stemming from multiple factors such as your gut health, liver health and immune response. Kohei Iguchi, a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, who has healed his skin through natural medicine, will share his insights on how you can regain confidence over your skin […]

Spreading Innovation For a Greener World

Innovation is accelerated by tremendous progress in Science and Technology. We at ECO SQUARE pledge to bring research and patent oriented innovation to the Global audience with a touch of sustainability.‘Keeping Nature Natural’ is the ideology behind all the products we offer and aims to build a greener world for us and our future generations. […]