Waste Minimisation

There are lots of avenues to tackle waste at events, but the main source is from the Food packaging during the Expo. As part of the waste minimisation process, we want to work with Vendors to ensure the event goes well and waste is diverted from landfill. We need everybody on-board working with us to ensure that the packaging brought on-site can be reused, composted or recycled rather than disposed of in landfill.

  • We encourage reusable serveware and BYO takeaway coffee cups – you can also purchase your own reusable cup at the expo for a discounted price.
  • Tasting cups used by Exhibitors onsite, these must be compostable paper
  • Serveware that is in use with our Exhibitors must be compostable
  • As a rule of thumb at the Go Green Expo, no PLA or other compostable plastic is accepted.

We partner with waste management businesses in each city for our events, this is the best way to ensure positive consumer engagement around waste awareness and responsibility. We have ‘waste warriors’ front of house assisting with education on correct waste streams, along with a team working hard, sorting waste, back of house to ensure the final waste has been diverted to the most appropriate stream, minimising the landfill impact. You’ll see the friendly team near the waste stations at the event – feel free to ask which stream your waste should go in!

Front of House, you’ll see three main waste streams: Compost/Organic, Recycling and General Rubbish

Back of House, depending on the specific city recycling requirements, recycling is split off and all waste streams are optimised to reduce the amount heading to landfill – approximately 85% of the event waste is diverted from the landfill!

We’d love for you to help out in our collective effort to reduce the volume of waste ending up in the landfill, every small change helps.