Make Your Own Reusable Christmas Crackers & Bags

Kiwis produce 30% more waste at Christmas than any other time of year with wrapping paper and crackers overwhelming our bins. Our reusable gift bags and crackers are heirloom pieces that will become part of your family tradition so you can have all the joy and festivity of Christmas but without harming the planet in […]

Detox and Heal Yourself

Brett clearly explains how toxicity can lead to our most prevalent health complaints. Next Brett discusses herbal detoxification, and how this can address the condition with specific natural herbs and foods. He then shows how it can help solve the world’s most common health conditions simply by treating the underlying cause. Brett’s favorite detox diet […]

What is ceremonial cacao – beyond chocolate

Everybody has eaten chocolate but many aren’t aware of the actual story of cacao and how it was used in ceremony by the ancient tribes of South and Central America. Chocolate was the western adaption of cacao created by the Europeans, however it had thousands of years of traditional use prior to this. We share […]

Activate Your Superpower

Have you ever wanted a superpower or to be like those superheroes in the movies? Look no further. At this talk and demonstration we will be leading you in a time of discovery where you will learn yours and everyones greatest power that resides within: your ability to heal naturally through spine and nervous system […]

Cannabis/Hemp: Too good to be true?

Cannabis sounds too good to be true. But it’s been a sacred plant – and forbidden medicine – because of a unique connection to your body’s chemistry. Discover your magic

Gentle Vinyasa – Yoga Class

Gentle Vinyasa is a slow and steady practice that is dynamic and fluid class where connection between breath and movement is achieved. You will flow continuously between postures to strengthen the body, enhance flexibility and calm the mind. Minnie is a yoga teacher and forever student who is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga […]

Being Sustainable

Kōrure group focuses on 100% natural supplements made with 100% New Zealand ingredients. We truly believe in making positive impacts around the world and understand it needs to start somewhere and we are here to influence the people and the plante in positive ways. As the first refillable supplement company in New Zealand we focus […]