Spreading Innovation For a Greener World

Innovation is accelerated by tremendous progress in Science and Technology. We at ECO SQUARE pledge to bring research and patent oriented innovation to the Global audience with a touch of sustainability.‘Keeping Nature Natural’ is the ideology behind all the products we offer and aims to build a greener world for us and our future generations. […]

Spontaneous Awakening of Inner Energy with Sahaja Yoga

We cannot live in harmony with nature and with other people unless we are peaceful, balanced and joyful within ourselves. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a path to achieving this. The inner energy once awakened, takes you above thoughts, into the peaceful state of meditation. Simple clearing techniques using the elements help to maintain balance and […]

Probiotics: It’s Not Just About the Gut

We will take you on a journey of the microscopic world. Exploring the wonders of bacteria and how they impact the health of our bodies and the environment we live in. Join us and find solutions to restore balance to our microbiome inside and out. Presented By: Dr. Lindsay Best (Chiropractor) and Pauline Louette (MA […]

Guaranteeing Your Home is Healthy, Efficient, and Sustainable

Are you confident your home/ rental property meets the new minimum Residential Tenancies Amendment Act and Healthy Homes Guarantee Standards? Even some new builds won’t. Recent NZ research proves many of our homes are making the occupants sick, but we’re not great at identifying how bad our own home is. Hear from your local, impartial […]

Sustainable Luxury – Textile Stories by The Fabric Queen

Conscious Business advocate and founder Ali Davies, aka The Fabric Queen, describes herself as ‘sideways’. “I like to enter from the side or at least be unconventional. My creativity has challenged me over the years, at the same time my love of fabric has changed my life and provided me with an education I could […]

Cleansed and Cured

With our health system in crisis and the burden of modern diseases costing us billions every year, it’s time we took control for ourselves. With this empowering seminar, Brett gives you the opportunity to not only help yourself but also your family and your friends. There is actually a method that is so simple it […]

Maca vs Cannabis – Bringing Balance Through Cannabinoids

There has been much interest in the use of plant based cannabinoids for the management of stress and chronic conditions. Most notably CBD and THC for their abilities to bind CB1 receptors in the bain and body. However, a new class of molecules have more recently been discovered in Peruvian maca called FAAH inhibitors that […]

Clean Beauty and Why It’s Important

It really comes down to not sacrificing your health for beauty. The skin is our largest organ absorbing up to 70% of what we put onto it into our bloodstream. We put a lot of importance on avoiding pesticides and processed foods in our diets, yet we often don’t think about the endocrine disrupting chemicals […]

Do You Want a Healthy Low Energy Use Home?

Discover and Learn more about how a quality Wolf MVHR Ventilation System will ensure the Health and Comfort of the Interior Environment of your home and How a quality Wolf Solar Hot Water System will give you almost all of your Hot Water virtually for Free. Presented By: Richard Walklin