Being Sustainable

Kōrure group focuses on 100% natural supplements made with 100% New Zealand ingredients. We truly believe in making positive impacts around the world and understand it needs to start somewhere and we are here to influence the people and the plante in positive ways. As the first refillable supplement company in New Zealand we focus […]

What is ceremonial cacao – beyond chocolate

Everybody has eaten chocolate but many aren’t aware of the actual story of cacao and how it was used in ceremony by the ancient tribes of South and Central America. Chocolate was the western adaption of cacao created by the Europeans, however it had thousands of years of traditional use prior to this. We share […]

Detox and Heal Yourself

Brett clearly explains how toxicity can lead to our most prevalent health complaints. Next Brett discusses herbal detoxification, and how this can address the condition with specific natural herbs and foods. He then shows how it can help solve the world’s most common health conditions simply by treating the underlying cause. Brett’s favorite detox diet […]

Get cooking for your family

Tips, tricks and ways to provide wholesome, delicious food and produce for your family, just like my Nan did for me.

The Viability of Solar

John is an early adopter in the solar industry with a business pioneering solar in Canterbury for almost 20 years. This seminar will resource you with what you need to know about solar, the viability of solar for you and for NZ. Come with all your questions and enjoy being updated on this fast growing […]

All things plant-based

A seminar about the plant-based category in NZ – and what’s happening globally in this space. An introduction to local NZ company Sustainable Foods and our brand plan*t. Out approach to plant-based manufacture, focus on sustainability, our marketing plans and market research, NPD development etc…

The Meteoric Rise of Plant Protein in Asia

After working in the NZ and Chinese meat industry for the last 20years, Jade shares why he believes the future of protein innovation and opportunity lies with sustainable plant-based products. He will share the key forces driving the movement towards plant-based diets and how NZ food innovators can tap into this once in a generation […]