Sativa Botanicals

Hemp Health and Wellness. Products which nourish, heal, replenish and maintain our bodies. Good for the mind, body and soul. Come see us!

Poten-C Superdose

We create exceptional liposomal supplements. Our Superdose range combines premium active ingredients with gold standard organic liposomes. Expertly developed and produced right here in New Zealand, our supplements are super clean (free of alcohol, sugar, baddatives and preservatives) and super effective. Come and meet us at G12 to hear why, when it comes to liposomes, […]


At Vitruvion we make sustainable high-performance housing easy. We design and fabricate durable sustainable housing for now and the future. Using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) with other manufactured systems our buildings are faster to build, more durable, and cost less to run. Better for you, better for the planet. Choose from our customisable designs, individualised […]


We build some of the most advanced cars on the road by combining powerful technology with an all-electric design. Built from the ground up, every bolt, part and system was deliberately designed with safety in mind. Come and experience our vehicles first hand. Will also have demonstrator vehicles available for test drives on the day.

Second Nature by Healthy Kelsi

Second Nature is a functional protein powder made minimal ingredients, no additives that fit into your life without any fuss. Created by Healthy Kelsi who is a New Zealand plant based recipe developer, entrepreneur and influencer.

Flow State

Flow State brings you a range of organic mushroom extracts to support brain function, mood, sleep, immunity, and overall health and vitality – naturally. No additives. No fillers. Exactly what you need. Consistently potent, dual extracted mushrooms grown naturally. Third party tested for active compounds through Massey University.

Ginger Garlic

Buddha bowls ( Rice bowl served with Pineapple relish, Garlic Chickpea and salads Paneer ( cottage cheese )wraps, Chickpea Wraps Crispy mini Greek style donuts Mango smoothie

One Love Planet The Dairy Free Cheesery

Plant Based Everything… …but make it delicious! We create Artisan made small batch cheeses made from cultured plant milks. With all the flavour you may have been missing out on! Our cheese is 100% vegan and dairy free and Handcrafted in micro batches . Compassionately and sustainably created for you and the planet , It’s […]


Our twiice cups are not just edible — they’re delicious! Batch made in New Zealand using real ingredients, they come in a range of flavours, all using our plant-based recipe. The twiice cup is leakproof and will stay crisp at least as long as it takes to drink your coffee, and longer — thanks to […]

Clover Ferments

Harnessing the age-old power of probiotics is Clover Ferments, a Kiwi-owned company who specialise in artisan, batch brewed fermented tonics, designed to improve digestion, gut health, skin health and immunity. Clover Ferments is available in three varieties – the blend, the beetroot and the turmeric kvass. These tonics breathe new life and convenience into traditional […]