Rejuice & Rejoice

Brand new cold press juice and coffee cart in Hawkes bay . We offer premium cold pressed orange and fruit & vegetable juice . We use A2 organic milk and organic coffee beans and also supply raw slices and other sweet treats !

Puku Ora

WE BELIEVE A healthy Puku is vital to experiencing optimal health and wellness. We believe this can be achieved through cleansing, restoring and cultivating our inner garden or micro-biome. Thats why we are passionate about creating real, raw and ridiculously good food that inspires positive change. OUR MISSION: Enhancing the health and wellbeing of all […]

Straw The Line NZ

Grab these incredible edible Raw Drinking Straws. You’ll be sipping through 8 funky colours, made of rice, tapioca starch, natural food colouring & salt, they’re 100% natural, 100% biodegradable & compostable and edible too! The colours come from using natural colouring, like carrots, beetroot, turmeric to name a few. You can sip through 3 different […]

VV Mylk

Mylk Concentrates, Mylk Powders, Nuts & Seeds, Cold-Pressed Oil. New Zealand grown with many!

Harvest to Hand

WELCOME TO HARVEST TO HAND, WHOLESOME HEMP PRODUCTS FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS. Hemp is a uniquely natural health supplement. High in protein, antioxidants and rich in omega 3 & 6, Harvest to Hand’s products are organically grown right here on our family farm in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Mylk Made

Create fresh nut and seed mylk at home with Mylk Made mylk bases. It’s nut mylk, made simple. Mylk Made bases give you the freshness and purity of homemade plant-based mylk without the time, mess, and waste of straining your own nuts. A sustainable and waste-free alternative to buying mylk in cartons. Locally made in […]

Kiwi Artisan Co

We produce and distribute some of Aotearoa’s finest small batch goods. Being based in the heart of Southland, we produce Manuka Smoked Wild Fiordland Venison Salami, Dry Cured Venison Salami and Manuka Smoked Olives. We are a foodies dream and look forward to meeting you at this years show!

Picker’s Pocket

At Picker’s Pocket, we’re inspired by the tea pickers we’re proud to work with. We want to celebrate their storiesand help share them with you. In fact, the name Picker’s Pocket was inspired by one of these stories. It’s the tale of an age-old practice known to produce the best quality tea, where pickers selected the finest tips and […]

The Brothers Coldpress

Brothers from the same mother. Mother Nature that is, and as she always told us, “Coldpress is best”. This is the mantra we Brothers live by. We turn organic, spray free and local produce into nutrient dense juice and deliver it to homes, cafes and gourmet supermarkets in returnable, reusable glass bottles. Return 10 clean […]

Niugini Organics

Delicious Premium Grade Coconut Oil – Cook with it, Eat it and Moisturise with it. Certified 100% Organic. Raw, Cold Pressed, No Preservatives or Additives, No fertilisers or Pesticides ever used. It’s so versatile and healthy. Ask for it by name at your local Organic Store to begin your health journey NOW! See us at […]