DENTtabs Tooth Tablets

DENTtabs tooth tablets are finally in New Zealand and we’ll be on site sampling and selling. DENTtabs are the toothpaste you never knew you needed- plastic-free, organic, vegan, and without the tube. DENTtabs offer polishing and protection for your teeth with no preservatives and fillers. Please visit us on site to sample this award-winning natural […]


YogaTribe®️is the leading supplier of sustainable and ethical yoga & wellbeing products and services. YogaTribe® delivers yoga and wellness practice in a truly sustainable way, offering workshops & yoga practice in addition to sustainable yoga products. We are devoted to well-being, physical, emotional and environmental alignment, YogaTribe® will leave the world a better place through […]

The Organic Food Shop

From our organic farms – To our shop – To you. Located in Hamilton we have an artisan retail shop which consists of a bakery, a butchery and soon to be dairy plant facility where we will be pasteurising milk, making cheese and yoghurt. We currently make traditionally made handmade organic sourdough breads and sell […]

Zeapure Nutritional Shakes & Smoothies for Kids & Teens

Zeapure Shake Mix for Kids and Smoothie Kick for Teens are specially formulated to give a tasty nutrition boost when kids need a little more nourishment. Made with all-natural ingredients, no added sugar or sweeteners and 100% gluten free, Zeapure has the natural goodness of premium dairy, with essential vitamins and minerals. Developed by a […]

Green Sense Natural Home & Garden Products

Green Sense Home and Garden Product Range Inspired by natures ability to sustain itself – Naturally. Bee, child, pet & user friendly products Force of nature – environmentally safe & naturally fragrant Outdoor Cleaner Household cleaner Moss & Mold remover Weed control Available in – 2L, 4L Concentrate, 1L , 500ml Ready to use We […]

Yes Organics

Yes Organics proudly handcrafts premium lip balms with 100% natural & organic ingredients right here in New Zealand. We select the best of ingredients to create beautiful lip balms that nourish, replenish, protect and moisturise. We use fair trade, 100% natural, ethically sourced, cruelty free and certified organic ingredients. Yes Organics is internationally acclaimed with […]


Our mission is simple, to lead the Internal Cosmetics industry by enhancing natural beauty from the inside out through nutritional, clinically proven solutions. QT products contain the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, formulated to nourish and replenish your skin, hair and nails from within, while balancing hormones and defending against pathogens, for results you can see […]

For The Better Good

We offer bottled water cared for from end to end with the idea of nothing ever becoming “waste”. Our Better Bottle and label are made from plants, non toxic and compostable. We also offer collection for the bottles we sell, taking responsibility for our product post-sale and making sure that every bottle returned, ends up […]

Nikki Dawn

Nikki Dawn glasses provide a natural solution to sleep disturbances, sore eyes (or ‘digital eye strain) and other long term damages. Our glasses assist in helping the body maintain natural melatonin production for better sleeps and more productive days by blocking out harmful blue light from computer screens and artificial lighting.

Honest Chocolat

Honest Chocolat make fine chocolates in Matakana. They select their ingredients carefully and conscientiously and choose to use high quality single origin chocolate that comes from ethical sources. They make the effort to satisfy modern day tastes and dietary requirements, with products that are gluten free, soy free, dairy free (excludes our milk chocolates) and […]