MamaZing Apothecary

We are passionate about Gut health, food as medicine, and nutrition first as the path to wellness. We promote organic living, sustainable land practices and business, and respecting our Earth home and Nature. Refills, returns, and re-usables are a part of our mission. From herbal Kombucha elixirs, tonics, and oils, to fermented veggies, medicinal Mushrooms, […]

Sattva Soul

Sattva Soul is the world’s first all-organic Ayurvedic medicinal supplement brand that uses therapeutic dosages combined with Bioperine for 30x faster absorption, so you are getting the highest quality and bioavailability. Made in small batches with herbs grown sustainably in the foothills of the Himalayas that are lab-tested for mold and heavy metals, and manufactured […]


Sunrider is a world leading innovator and manufacturer of concentrated herbal wellness foods, teas, sports nutrition and weight management products. We have been operating for over 40 years around the world and our New Zealand customers have been buying our products since 1992.

Poten-C Superdose

We create exceptional liposomal supplements. Our Superdose range combines premium active ingredients with gold standard organic liposomes. Expertly developed and produced right here in New Zealand, our supplements are super clean (free of alcohol, sugar, baddatives and preservatives) and super effective. Come and meet us at G12 to hear why, when it comes to liposomes, […]

Flow State

Flow State brings you a range of organic mushroom extracts to support brain function, mood, sleep, immunity, and overall health and vitality – naturally. No additives. No fillers. Exactly what you need. Consistently potent, dual extracted mushrooms grown naturally. Third party tested for active compounds through Massey University.

Clover Ferments

Harnessing the age-old power of probiotics is Clover Ferments, a Kiwi-owned company who specialise in artisan, batch brewed fermented tonics, designed to improve digestion, gut health, skin health and immunity. Clover Ferments is available in three varieties – the blend, the beetroot and the turmeric kvass. These tonics breathe new life and convenience into traditional […]


Fodwise is a small business that specialises in gut-health and providing an accessible alternative to combat IBS and food Intolerances. Fodwise sells FODZYME a gut digestive enzyme that is taking the world by storm and is now available in New Zealand to assist in digestion of FODMAPs. FODZYME breaks down those hard to digest FODMAPS […]

Aglow; Nutrur Tea

Natural NZ made superfood supplements. A range of natural NZ made superfood supplements that are effective using pure and simple ingredients. That’s it – no fussy rituals, unnecessary ingredients or fillers. At Aglow, we have a range on Collagen, Super Green and Pea Protein products that are simple but premium quality – We use only […]

Natures Remedies

– Naturopathy – Herbalist – Bio-Energetic Testing – Access Consciousness Bars – Hair testing for all


We are local gourmet mushroom growers and try to bring freshness and beauty to your plates. We sell mushroom supplements, powder, chocolate, coffee and Oyster, Turkey tail and Lion’s Mane mushrooms.