Natures Remedies

– Naturopathy – Herbalist – Bio-Energetic Testing – Access Consciousness Bars – Hair testing for all

Radiance Vitamins

Over thirty years ago Radiance gave ourselves a goal – help kiwis lead healthier lives by developing the most innovative natural health formulas on the planet. Not much has changed. Using premium quality ingredients, we’re still researching and developing world- leading support formulas that help New Zealanders feel better inside and out. From immunity to […]

Mitchells Nutrition

Mitchells Nutrition’s mission is to elevate the standard of mental & physical wellbeing of kiwi’s, so they can keep doing the things they love, for as long as possible.

Fruition Ko

Fruition Ko was founded with animals and ethics in mind. Healthy living doesn’t have to cost us the earth or bring harm to others, which is why we wanted to be a source of cruelty free, ethical health and fitness supplements.


FourHealth Green+ is simple – it’s food – broccoli sprouts. Inside those broccoli sprouts is something of a wonder compound: Sulforaphane. With over 3,000 studies and 70 clinical trials, its unique health benefits are well documented. We have sourced the highest Sulforaphane yielding broccoli sprouts and we wanted to share it with the world, so […]


We are local gourmet mushroom growers and try to bring freshness and beauty to your plates. We sell mushroom supplements, powder, chocolate, coffee and Oyster, Turkey tail and Lion’s Mane mushrooms.

Seed Cycle Blend

Menstrual cycles don’t have to suck. Seed Cycle Blend is a seed cycling subscription to naturally balance your hormones for better periods and skin, Less PMS and happier ovaries.

Bader – Innovative Wellbeing

Bader – An innovation company with purpose! On a mission to impact and enhance humanity’s natural state of being. We aim to bring innovative products and lifestyle enhancement tools into the homes, offices and lives of every human being, making optimal health and wellbeing accessible to all. How We Enhance Your State: We provide high […]

Rude Health Coffee

As seen on The Apprentice Aotearoa, Originally NOO Coffee, rebranded to Rude Health Coffee High-Performance, Fair Trade, Organic Coffee Enhanced with natural Nootropics to reduce the negative side effects of coffee! Reduce Anxiety & Jitters Reduce Headache Reduce Energy Crash Increase Focus & Mental Clarity Decrease Brain Fog Improve Sleep Come try it yourself 🙂

Blueprint Chiropractic

The body is an amazing organism and when everything is aligned, it can heal itself. At Blueprint we look to maximise the healing potential in the body. We do this through adjustments to the spine. An adjustment is when the chiropractor uses their own hands or an instrument that applies a force to the spine/body […]