Eve by BePure

A couple of years ago, our sister company BePure, started surveying women about their hormones and found that of 14,000 women surveyed,  87% of women reported experiencing signs of hormone imbalances that impact them on a regular basis. Born from the minds behind BePure and the genuine need of women across New Zealand, Eve provides simple at-home collection […]

Zeapure Nutritional Shakes & Smoothies for Kids & Teens

Zeapure Shake Mix for Kids and Smoothie Kick for Teens are specially formulated to give a tasty nutrition boost when kids need a little more nourishment. Made with all-natural ingredients, no added sugar or sweeteners and 100% gluten free, Zeapure has the natural goodness of premium dairy, with essential vitamins and minerals. Developed by a […]


Our mission is simple, to lead the Internal Cosmetics industry by enhancing natural beauty from the inside out through nutritional, clinically proven solutions. QT products contain the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, formulated to nourish and replenish your skin, hair and nails from within, while balancing hormones and defending against pathogens, for results you can see […]


Arbonne delivers a holistic approach to HEALTHY LIVING INSIDE & OUT with clean formulas for better skincare results and plant-powered nutrition. In fact, I’m so proud to say that Arbonne is the #1 company in Healthy Living Inside and Out*. What’s even better, Arbonne products are formulated according to a simple philosophy – pure, safe, […]

ProVida by Fourflax

ProVida brings to animal heath an innovative collection of supplements using the best of science and nature, proven to offer significant health and wellness benefits. Inspired by the pure and fresh ingredients of New Zealand, our family brings passion and dedication into crafting a functional and results driven range of health supplements that are easy […]

No Ugly Wellness Tonics

No Ugly is a scientifically formulated wellness tonic that gets you back to gorgeous. It’s the perfect way to rehydrate, getting you over whatever lies behind and ready for whatever lies ahead. Made in New Zealand, No Ugly has no ugly ingredients, only good. Things like Enzogenol® extracted from Pinus Radiata bark, it’s nature’s most […]


Adashiko Collagen is manufactured in Japan, the global leader in Collagen. Japanese Collagen – known as Super Collagen, it is produced to the highest quality and is the finest in the world. Adashiko Collagen works from the inside out promoting healthy ageing. It is a highly effective way of achieving full-body, wellness, strength, beautiful glowing […]


Arbonne is a 40 year old botanical based health and wellness company. All products are gluten free, vegan and kosher, with our nutrition also being dairy and soy free in addition. Products include highest quality ingredients sourced globally. Our company is fully hypoallergenic and we formulate in accordance with the strict European safety standards as […]

Phiten Health and Performance

DRUG FREE PAIN RELIEF NOW AN OPTION Phiten products incorporate a unique Aqua Titan technology that can help restore the body to its natural state of relaxation and balance. Use Phiten products daily to help prevent or alleviate stress and tension, relieve muscle tendon or joint pain, support improved circulation, reduced swelling and inflammation, enhanced […]

NZHemp Brokers & Kakariki Hemp Processing

New Zealand Hemp Brokers (NZHB) seed to market Partners, Hemp product, Consultancy and Global networking. New Zealand Hemp foundation, specialist Educators offering Education packages for Medical professionals and Providers. Kakariki Hemp Processing (KHP) sales and Hire Partnering with Growers bringing product to Market