Straw The Line NZ

Grab these incredible edible Raw Drinking Straws. You’ll be sipping through 8 funky colours, made of rice, tapioca starch, natural food colouring & salt, they’re 100% natural, 100% biodegradable & compostable and edible too! The colours come from using natural colouring, like carrots, beetroot, turmeric to name a few. You can sip through 3 different […]

Nature’s Ki

At Nature’s Ki we believe that our pets are individuals with complex personalities and unique needs. They form an integral part of our immediate family and caring for them to the best of our abilities requires access to high quality products and the latest information available. We wish to earn your trust with our range […]

Metamorphosis Wellbeing

We are Natural Therapies Practitioners Specializing in Bio-Energetic Medicines, and treat a wide range of health conditions. We also offer health checks for $20 each as follows: GUT HEALTH – Absorption of Nutrients, Aspartame, Candida, other Internal Fungi, Moulds, Flukes, wide range of Intestinal Parasites, Giardia, Amoebas, Toxo, E-Coli, Pathogens, H. Pylori. TOXINS – Heavy […]

Native Neem

Certified Organic Products for People, Pets and Plants available from Native Neem and Green Trading Website.


‘Bokashi’ is a Japanese term which means ‘fermented organic matter.’ We are producers and distributors of the ZingBokashi Composting system which is used throughout New Zealand homes, schools and businesses. This system processes household organic matter into highly productive garden compost in only 4 weeks, which is up to 50% faster than traditional composting systems. It […]

Green Trading

Green trading offers range of Bio Gro certified organic Neem, Moringa, Coconut and Ayurvedic health supplements products for PEOPLE, PLANTS & PETS. Shop online for  neem insecticide, neem soaps, neem hair and body wash, neem cream, neem pet shampoo, neem pet spray, virgin coconut oil, Ashwagantha,  Turmeric Curcumin and many Ayurvedic health supplements.