ProVida by Fourflax

ProVida brings to animal heath an innovative collection of supplements using the best of science and nature, proven to offer significant health and wellness benefits. Inspired by the pure and fresh ingredients of New Zealand, our family brings passion and dedication into crafting a functional and results driven range of health supplements that are easy […]


Radically reduce the chemicals in your life with Norwex. Clean 90% of your home with just water, reduce your body burden and take care of your loved ones (including pets) with these amazing products. Cut your cleaning time in half, reduce your impact on the environment, save money and importantly your health!

Aotea oils

Aotea Oils located on the pristine Great Barrier Island produces high quality 100% pure and natural Manuka and Kawakawa health and skin care products.


PureBiotics® harnesses the incredible natural power of probiotic bacteria to create a truly healthy home environment. Using anti-bacterial cleaner remove all bacteria, the good and the bad ones. Balance is essential in our indoor environment, the same as in our gut health. Our all natural eco-friendly cleaning products keep on working 3 days after being […]

ECP Compostables

ECP Compostables is a New Zealand owned and operated business that prides itself on providing a range of sustainable and environmentally friendly compostable plastics. We understand the need to find a solution to the rapidly increasing global pollution caused by our reliance on traditional petroleum based plastic products. We strive to adopt environmentally friendly solutions […]


Natural, vegan & palm oil free soap based cleaning, personal care and pet care products. New Zealand made & cruelty free manufacturing.

”Products designed for the benefit of all beings!”


Ecobags is a New Zealand based company supplying customised eco-friendly reusable bags and packaging. We support consumers and businesses to achieve their sustainability goals by offering an alternative to plastic bags and bin liners. We proudly stand out in our industry as being a company that offers a full range of eco-friendly packaging and completely […]

Native Neem

Certified Organic Products for People, Pets and Plants available from Native Neem and Green Trading Website.

SAFE for Animals

For over 80 years SAFE has been one of the strongest voices in New Zealand defending animals against cruelty and abuse. SAFE is a non-profit charitable organisation financed solely through the goodwill of the community. SAFE is dedicated to changing attitudes and nurturing compassionate values by educating the public about the inherent value of animals. […]

Healthy Pet Foods

Do you want to feed your pet a healthy diet but get confused with so many brands available? At Healthy Pet Foods we have done all the hard work and bring you “new generation” dog and cat foods that are nutritionally superior. Our products are nutrient dense and made with quality meats and fish, farm […]