Your Mobile Power Solution SunSaver’s purpose is to provide portable chargers capable of powering your mobile devices straight from the sun. This is so you can unplug from the wall socket and make the most out of your outdoor adventures, while at the same time promoting the use of renewable energy.

Splash Shampoo Bars

We Are “NZ made” We are proud to say that All our bars are hand-made here in NZ, with lots of love, care and attention for you to enjoy. “No Animal Cruelty” Another thing we’re proud to announce is that our bars are all plant-based so, therefore, no animals have been involved in the making […]

Earth Candles Co.

Warkworth based candle maker handcrafting, natural soy wax candles, housed in upcycled wine and beer bottles.

Sol Cups

We are for ending waste and embracing taste. Happy, healthy, sustainable and beautiful, we’ve designed our hand blown glass cups and bottles using materials that keep the heat in and the nasties out.

Green Sense Natural Home & Garden Products

Green Sense Home and Garden Product Range Inspired by natures ability to sustain itself – Naturally. Bee, child, pet & user friendly products Force of nature – environmentally safe & naturally fragrant Outdoor Cleaner Household cleaner Moss & Mold remover Weed control Available in – 2L, 4L Concentrate, 1L , 500ml Ready to use We […]


nil is about creating a world where sustainabilty is second nature. We produce nil waste everyday products, like organic and reusable food wraps, organic produce bags and firestarters. All our nil products are made by mothers who are often on benefits and struggle to find work.  We invite you to not just buy something good, […]

The Fabric Queen

Curator of only the highest quality, natural and sustainable fabrics for home and living. We have several beautiful textile brands to choose from. The Fabric Queen has a ‘no harm’ approach to textiles with a collection that delivers only organic, sustainable and natural fabrics. Artist and founder Ali Davies decided more than 20 years ago […]

Black Sand Furniture

There is nothing more wholesome than an honest family business, and we have all the credentials you would expect from an industry stalwart with 30 years experience. A name that pays homage to the west coast beaches of Auckland, with a desire to represent family values, style and quality craftsmanship in their furniture, everything is […]


Radically reduce the chemicals in your life with Norwex. Clean 90% of your home with just water, reduce your body burden and take care of your loved ones (including pets) with these amazing products. Cut your cleaning time in half, reduce your impact on the environment, save money and importantly your health!


Specialising in sustainable and alternative packaging solutions for both physical and e-commerce retailers.