Kangen Water-Change Your Water, Change Your Life

What is Kangen Water? Kangen means “Return to Origin” Kangen water is antioxidant rich, electrolyzed reduced hydrogen water. Enagic is the leading manufacturer of ionizers and has been used in Japan for more than 40 years! This water has the ability to hydrate on a cellular level and is effective in hydration, oxidation and detoxification. […]

Shupatto NZ

Loving earth is easy with Shupatto. The combination of Innovative, fashionable, and convenient, Shupatto is the perfect bag choice for your family, day in and day out. The “One-Pull” foldable design, the creative patterns, and the smoothness of pull and roll technique for putting it away, these iconic features make Shupatto the most loved bags […]


Our twiice cups are not just edible — they’re delicious! Batch made in New Zealand using real ingredients, they come in a range of flavours, all using our plant-based recipe. The twiice cup is leakproof and will stay crisp at least as long as it takes to drink your coffee, and longer — thanks to […]

Travelfox Zen

Travelfox Zen offers sustainable well-being products that comfort and support body and soul. Their products range from Well-Being Cushions (Meditation Cushions, Yoga Bolsters, Body Support Pillows and Pregnancy Support Pillows), Hot & Cold Therapy Bags and Eye Pillows to natural Botanical Facial Steams and Baths. Travelfox Zen is committed to keep their carbon footprint as […]

Adjusta Mattress

New Zealand’s first adjustable massage mattress for your boat, home or caravan! Enjoy 5 star products, that use 100% organic certified materials.

Naathi Aromatherapy

We’re a passionate and ethical brand offering natural, handmade incense sticks, soapstone holders, and perfumes from India. Our products are chemical-free, promoting wellness and a sustainable lifestyle. We support family businesses and source ingredients ethically and sustainably. You can find our products online in New Zealand, where we offer a mindful and eco-conscious alternative to […]

Raw Yoga and Wellbeing

Raw Yoga and Wellbeing offers a range of services and products to support greater awareness and holistic wellbeing. Our products and services include Orgonite Pyramids, EMF protection devices, discounts on local Yoga classes and information about Yoga teacher Training and Holistic Therapy.

Enviro-cleanz Natural Cleaning Products

Our products are amazingly strong so you use very little. They have a beautiful natural aroma and are made “as natural as they can be” while providing exceptional cleaning, sanitising and freshening results without using harsh or toxic chemicals. These are the only products we use in our home and hope that you will join […]


Solid makes sustainable toothpaste. Our unique xylitol-fluoride formulation protects your teeth, and our flavours like strawberry and orange make brushing with tamariki a breeze. And because we can do better than a non-recyclable toothpaste tube, Solid comes in plastic-free glass jars that can be refilled or returned for reuse. Brush better with Solid.


Cleanery is reimagining the cleaning and personal care category with truly effective, and genuinely sustainable, products. Our eco friendly low waste cleaning & personal care products come as a powder that dissolves in water at home to create an ultra-effective clean. Super Clean, Super Green, No Compromise.