Kangen Water-Change Your Water, Change Your Life

What is Kangen Water? Kangen means “Return to Origin” Kangen water is antioxidant rich, electrolyzed reduced hydrogen water. Enagic is the leading manufacturer of ionizers and has been used in Japan for more than 40 years! This water has the ability to hydrate on a cellular level and is effective in hydration, oxidation and detoxification. […]

MamaZing Apothecary

We are passionate about Gut health, food as medicine, and nutrition first as the path to wellness. We promote organic living, sustainable land practices and business, and respecting our Earth home and Nature. Refills, returns, and re-usables are a part of our mission. From herbal Kombucha elixirs, tonics, and oils, to fermented veggies, medicinal Mushrooms, […]

Shupatto NZ

Loving earth is easy with Shupatto. The combination of Innovative, fashionable, and convenient, Shupatto is the perfect bag choice for your family, day in and day out. The “One-Pull” foldable design, the creative patterns, and the smoothness of pull and roll technique for putting it away, these iconic features make Shupatto the most loved bags […]


At Vitruvion we make sustainable high-performance housing easy. We design and fabricate durable sustainable housing for now and the future. Using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) with other manufactured systems our buildings are faster to build, more durable, and cost less to run. Better for you, better for the planet. Choose from our customisable designs, individualised […]

School Of Ancient

Embark on an eco-friendly adventure with our 3D wooden puzzles, the perfect green alternative to plastic toys. Crafted from sustainable wood, these intricate puzzles offer a mindful escape. Assemble iconic structures without the environmental impact. Join the movement for a greener tomorrow!

Tides Out Maps

Every Tides Out Maps truely is a labour of love. Crafted completely by hand, our maps are created by stacking layers of painted wood a top one another to give a 3D aesthetic. A carefully selected blue gradient adds to the feeling that you can see straight through the oceans surface.


Artgrounds is a meeting ground for the collective imagination and sustainable art making for children and the community. We offer creative art kits accompanied by online tutorials for; earth pigment paint making kits, paper making kits, earth pigment soft pastel making kits and watercolour palettes all handcrafted in New Zealand. Our paints are artists quality, […]

Your Lucio

Indoor Garden Towers – A sustainable approach to gardening using modern technology.

Travelfox Zen

Travelfox Zen offers sustainable well-being products that comfort and support body and soul. Their products range from Well-Being Cushions (Meditation Cushions, Yoga Bolsters, Body Support Pillows and Pregnancy Support Pillows), Hot & Cold Therapy Bags and Eye Pillows to natural Botanical Facial Steams and Baths. Travelfox Zen is committed to keep their carbon footprint as […]

Adjusta Mattress

New Zealand’s first adjustable massage mattress for your boat, home or caravan! Enjoy 5 star products, that use 100% organic certified materials.