Wiretec Electrical

We are not your average Master Electricians. We are passionate about the future of sustainable energy, and proud to be one of Wellington’s only locally owned solar experts. We specialise in: Complete renewable solar energy packages with future energy requirements in mind. Heat pump / air conditioning design and installation. Electrical vehicle chargers to suit […]

Your Lucio

Indoor Garden Towers – A sustainable approach to gardening using modern technology.

Miracle Shammy

Made in Germany, the Miracle Shammy is the most absorbent cloth you’ll ever buy – holding up to 10 times its weight in liquid, you’ll never need to buy wasteful paper towels ever again.

Travelfox Zen

Travelfox Zen offers sustainable well-being products that comfort and support body and soul. Their products range from Well-Being Cushions (Meditation Cushions, Yoga Bolsters, Body Support Pillows and Pregnancy Support Pillows), Hot & Cold Therapy Bags and Eye Pillows to natural Botanical Facial Steams and Baths. Travelfox Zen is committed to keep their carbon footprint as […]

Sustainability Trust – Toast Electric

Sustainability Trust is an innovative Wellington-based social enterprise creating warm, dry, healthy homes and a fairer energy future for all. We provide expert in-home advice and installation services for heatpumps, insulation, ventilation, EV chargers and more. We also run Aotearoa’s only not-for-profit electricity retailer, Toast Electric, which provides electricity services in the Wellington, Kapiti and […]

Adjusta Mattress

New Zealand’s first adjustable massage mattress for your boat, home or caravan! Enjoy 5 star products, that use 100% organic certified materials.

Sustainable HB is an independent registered charity, we have been in the community for 30 years. Our focus is community resilience, environment restoration and climate action. By raising community awareness, consumer practices and behaviours of sustainable actions, we aim to build a resilient connected community with strong local regenerative food systems, restored biodiversity, and a […]

The Moss Crew

The treatments Moss Crew offer ELIMINATE and PROTECT against DAMAGING AIR-BORNE or CONTACT-BORNE FUNGI, LICHEN, MOSS and/or MOULD that CAUSE MOISTURE DAMAGE or may attribute to some HEALTH PROBLEMS. By applying an active protection shield on the painted or non painted areas including any porous or non-porous surfaces, these cycles are neutralized. We want you […]

Figgy & Co.

Cleaning is a chore, let’s not sugar coat it. But it doesn’t need to suck! We’re here to clean things up – We believe what we do most, matters. Whether is wiping the table or cleaning the shower – let’s keep our home a safe sanctuary. Let’s keep it healthy! We’ve ditched all the nasty […]