Travelfox Zen

Travelfox Zen offers sustainable well-being products that comfort and support body and soul. Their products range from Well-Being Cushions (Meditation Cushions, Yoga Bolsters, Body Support Pillows and Pregnancy Support Pillows), Hot & Cold Therapy Bags and Eye Pillows to natural Botanical Facial Steams and Baths. Travelfox Zen is committed to keep their carbon footprint as […]

Adjusta Mattress

New Zealand’s first adjustable massage mattress for your boat, home or caravan! Enjoy 5 star products, that use 100% organic certified materials.

Sol. Suncare

Love being outdoors? that’s great! so do we, thats why we have created Aotearoa made Ocean Safe Mineral Sunscreen ethically and sustainably to meet AS/NZ 2604:2021 Certification. Providing UVA and UVB Broad Spectrum protection for you and the Family. Now you can spend more time doing what you love, and less time worrying about the […]

Natures Remedies

– Naturopathy – Herbalist – Bio-Energetic Testing – Access Consciousness Bars – Hair testing for all

Figgy & Co.

Cleaning is a chore, let’s not sugar coat it. But it doesn’t need to suck! We’re here to clean things up – We believe what we do most, matters. Whether is wiping the table or cleaning the shower – let’s keep our home a safe sanctuary. Let’s keep it healthy! We’ve ditched all the nasty […]

Airify Heat Pump Cleaning

Breathing fresh, clean air is crucial for everyone in your home or office. properly maintaining a heat pump system is key to ensuring improved air quality, and with Airify, you get precisely that. our speciality lies in our extensive heat pump cleaning services, and we can do this for you irrespective of your location within […]

Radiance Vitamins

Over thirty years ago Radiance gave ourselves a goal – help kiwis lead healthier lives by developing the most innovative natural health formulas on the planet. Not much has changed. Using premium quality ingredients, we’re still researching and developing world- leading support formulas that help New Zealanders feel better inside and out. From immunity to […]

Mitchells Nutrition

Mitchells Nutrition’s mission is to elevate the standard of mental & physical wellbeing of kiwi’s, so they can keep doing the things they love, for as long as possible.

Lucy’s Gluten Free

We resolved to take a simpler approach to Gluten Free bread: no dairy, no egg, no wheat. Just good proper bread that happens to be Gluten Free.

Fruition Ko

Fruition Ko was founded with animals and ethics in mind. Healthy living doesn’t have to cost us the earth or bring harm to others, which is why we wanted to be a source of cruelty free, ethical health and fitness supplements.