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Indoor Garden Towers – A sustainable approach to gardening using modern technology.

Mushroom House

Mushroom House: We cultivate our oyster mushrooms through low-impact, organically aware methods. Mushroom Grow Kits are at the Go Green Expo to purchase and take home or even pick up some prepacked punnets to bring variety to your family’s dinner. Mushrooms aren’t just a superfood, they’re delicious. Our Oyster Mushroom Chips have a mild, savoury […]

Harbour City Tree Care

We do all the usual tree stuff such as planting, pruning, dead wooding, dealing with broken branches and storm damage through to removal, but we do a few other things as well. We can provide you with tree risk assessments, presale or prepurchase reports on tree condition, the best free science-based tree advice that money […]

Sustainable HB is an independent registered charity, we have been in the community for 30 years. Our focus is community resilience, environment restoration and climate action. By raising community awareness, consumer practices and behaviours of sustainable actions, we aim to build a resilient connected community with strong local regenerative food systems, restored biodiversity, and a […]

Smart Gardens

We are passionate about providing our customers with high-quality, easy-to-use indoor gardening solutions that are both eco-friendly and sustainable. Our products are designed to help you grow fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables all year round, right in the comfort of your own home. Our indoor hydroponic systems are perfect for city dwellers, apartment renters, or […]


The GrowProbe is a simplified moisture meter, designed to take the guessing out of when to water your indoor plants. When pushed into and pulled out of the pot, it captures a sample of soil, which can be felt to check the soil moisture. This prevents you from overwatering and helps to grow thriving plants. […]


We are local gourmet mushroom growers and try to bring freshness and beauty to your plates. We sell mushroom supplements, powder, chocolate, coffee and Oyster, Turkey tail and Lion’s Mane mushrooms.


Once the coffee’s been brewed, do you know what happens to all those spent grounds? Under the motto of ‘reuse and restore’, we make various biodegradable household items using our coffee clay. Our coffee clay is composed of 100% natural ingredients, mainly used coffee grounds. The use of all-natural ingredients makes it safe for our […]

GE Free NZ

GE Free NZ in Food and Environment is a voluntary Organisation supported by our members.   Your membership allows us to- Provide a valuable resource of documents and articles concerning Genetic Engineering. Inform members through our newsletters, press releases and website on the latest local, national, international information Engage with government agencies, Regional and Local Councils writing submissions and attending meetings. Promote sustainable, organic solutions that ensures NZ stays GE Free in the environment. […]