We build customised Timber Greenhouses. You choose the size, color, and features to make it uniquely yours. All Greenhouses are Delivered and Assembled by us, in your garden. We also make a herbal tonic/ infusion called 'Fire Cider' (Non-alcoholic). Boosts immunity, improves circulation, supports digestion, relieves congestion. Enjoy as a hot drink or add into […]

The Good Soil Company

The Good Soil Company are producers of Natural Liquid Fertilizer made from Aerated Worm Castings and a special blend of Natural Additives. DESIGNED BY NATURE AN ORGANIC ALTERNATIVE TO CHEMICALS. Our products include Natural Worm Tea, Worm Castings, Vermicast, Tiger Worms, Worm Farms, Worm Tea Kits and Educational assistance. Associate to The Soil Food Web […]


FLORA was established to help educate and influence the community on sustainable living through the knowledge of plants and the ecosystem. The brands first product launch was the Flora Grow Kit and now it has expanded into microgreen seed packs, wildflower seed pack and much more.

Lamington Socks

NZ made, premium merino wool socks and tights for every family.

Eco Keen NZ

Eco Keen brings you a wide variety of hand made home decor made from coconut shells and paua shells.Inspired by nature, created from the natural, for nature lovers!


‘Bokashi’ is a Japanese term which means ‘fermented organic matter.’ We are producers and distributors of the ZingBokashi Composting system which is used throughout New Zealand homes, schools and businesses. This system processes household organic matter into highly productive garden compost in only 4 weeks, which is up to 50% faster than traditional composting systems. It […]

Green Trading

Green trading offers range of Bio Gro certified organic Neem, Moringa, Coconut and Ayurvedic health supplements products for PEOPLE, PLANTS & PETS. Shop online for  neem insecticide, neem soaps, neem hair and body wash, neem cream, neem pet shampoo, neem pet spray, virgin coconut oil, Ashwagantha,  Turmeric Curcumin and many Ayurvedic health supplements.