Nest Homes

Nest Homes is a small but rapidly growing company focusing on designing architectural affordable homes. Our major focus is on designing affordable but cool homes. All our homes are totally health based utilising materials and systems to support a very healthy lived in environment . We are arguably NZs only housing company with this healthy […]

Earth Building Assn of NZ

EBANZ primary mission is to promote the art and science of earth and natural building. EBANZ is a network group for those interested in natural building methods such as Adobe, Cob, Rammed Earth, Poured Earth, Pressed Earth and Straw Bale construction. Visit our stand to find out more!


Ekopaints now sells Ottosson Linseed Oil Paint exclusively in New Zealand and Australia, which is produced in Sweden. It comes in a range of outdoor and indoor paints, both in gloss and matt finishes, and in a wonderful and original range of colours. The paints Ekopaints sells are made from linseed oil and pigment, nothing […]

Built on Biology

Bio Consulting, ethical Interior Design, healthy home concepts based on biological principles. Interiors for chemical and EMF hypersensitivities, modules offer holistic living-space creation, low foot print and natural options for waste reduced building, decorating and maintenance. Our focus on predominantly toxin-free materials and products forms a healthy foundation to built living space for wellbeing and […]


Insulmax® wall insulation is a soft, white, water resistant mineral fibre manufactured to the highest European standards. It is safe, dry, non combustible and formaldehyde free. The Insulmax® Retrofit Wall Insulation System is designed to insulate the walls of all styles of New Zealand homes without renovation or removing wall linings. Installation uses the smallest […]

Primrose Bees Wrap

Primrose Bees Wrap is a natural, reusable, biodegradable & sustainable alternative for food storage. Made from natural ingredients, 100% cotton, pure bees wax, tree resin & coconut oil. Handcrafted with an aim to eliminate plastic in our environment, our kitchens & keep food fresh for longer. We believe in living thoughtfully, knowing where things come […]

Craft Homes

We are a family run company that manages an expert building team that delivers beautiful new homes and quality renovations across the North Shore and wider Auckland areas. Creating a sustainable future for our beautiful country is what drives us. Craft Homes are Licensed Building Practitioners, as well as Homestar® Practitioners and Assessors specialising in […]


Eco Square Limited is a New Zealand based company with Partner’s offices in Australia and India. ‘Keeping Nature Natural’ is the idealogy behind all the products we offer and aims to build a greener world for us and our future generations. We are retailers and wholesale suppliers of eco-friendly products like Jute Bags, Promotional Bags, […]


PureBiotics® harnesses the incredible natural power of probiotic bacteria to create a truly healthy home environment. Using anti-bacterial cleaner remove all bacteria, the good and the bad ones. Balance is essential in our indoor environment, the same as in our gut health. Our all natural eco-friendly cleaning products keep on working 3 days after being […]

Land Homes

Land Homes is Design and Build Company specialising in High Performance energy efficient homes right throughout New Zealand. When you choose to build with Land Homes, you are choosing more, we are not just Highly Skilled Craftsman Builders, Earth Works specialists or leading Architectural Designers, we are a team brought together under a unifying banner, […]