Travelfox Zen

Travelfox Zen offers sustainable well-being products that comfort and support body and soul. Their products range from Well-Being Cushions (Meditation Cushions, Yoga Bolsters, Body Support Pillows and Pregnancy Support Pillows), Hot & Cold Therapy Bags and Eye Pillows to natural Botanical Facial Steams and Baths. Travelfox Zen is committed to keep their carbon footprint as […]

Natures Remedies

– Naturopathy – Herbalist – Bio-Energetic Testing – Access Consciousness Bars – Hair testing for all

Antipodes Scientific Green Beauty

Antipodes is New Zealand’s Scientific Green Beauty brand, creating plant-powered, results-driven skincare featuring the world’s purest pollution-free ingredients. Made in New Zealand, the brand’s vegan, organic, and vegetarian formulations are natural, independently certified, and sustainably packaged in glass and aluminium. In-vitro investigations ensure world-leading efficacy, whilst nutrient-rich ingredients join innovative discoveries to unlock healthy-looking skin. […]

No Bad Days Skincare

No Bad Days is the newest, confidence-inspiring skincare brand on the market. It’s cruelty-free, sustainable, and made with natural ingredients, right here in Aotearoa. Crafted with premium ingredients like Himalayan pink salt, watermelon, and manuka, No Bad Days’ hydrating Facial Spray gently exfoliates the skin, helping to reduce redness & blemishes for a clearer complexion. […]

Naathi Aromatherapy

We’re a passionate and ethical brand offering natural, handmade incense sticks, soapstone holders, and perfumes from India. Our products are chemical-free, promoting wellness and a sustainable lifestyle. We support family businesses and source ingredients ethically and sustainably. You can find our products online in New Zealand, where we offer a mindful and eco-conscious alternative to […]

Clever Little

We believe all women deserve better when it comes to their period care. All products should be safe and never cause the body harm. We’re dedicated to making that a reality.

Bioptron Light and Colour Therapy

FREE TREATMENTS! Bioptron is a medical device which supports a range of medical conditions, including: Chronic Pain Neck & Back Pain Wounds & Scars Acne & Psoriasis Sports Injuries Ageing Inflammation Arthritis Immune System Seasonal Affective Disorder Contact: Mirjana

OMni Balms

From nourished lips to a cheeky blush, a subtle highlight or conditioned cuticles, OMni Balms keep your skin glowing and hydrated. The specially selected botanical ingredients and essential oils in each balm truly nourish and repair dry lips and skin, and once you’ve tried them, OMni Balms will be your first choice every time. The […]


Solid makes sustainable toothpaste. Our unique xylitol-fluoride formulation protects your teeth, and our flavours like strawberry and orange make brushing with tamariki a breeze. And because we can do better than a non-recyclable toothpaste tube, Solid comes in plastic-free glass jars that can be refilled or returned for reuse. Brush better with Solid.


Cleanery is reimagining the cleaning and personal care category with truly effective, and genuinely sustainable, products. Our eco friendly low waste cleaning & personal care products come as a powder that dissolves in water at home to create an ultra-effective clean. Super Clean, Super Green, No Compromise.