Forest Enterprises

Wood is essential for a low-carbon future. For over 50 years, Forest Enterprises has helped thousands of Kiwis grow their wealth from direct investment into sustainably managed New Zealand forests. We hold FSC Forest Management certification, meeting high international standards for responsible forest management. We are one of New Zealand’s leading forestry investment managers and […]

Sustainability Trust – Toast Electric

Sustainability Trust is an innovative Wellington-based social enterprise creating warm, dry, healthy homes and a fairer energy future for all. We provide expert in-home advice and installation services for heatpumps, insulation, ventilation, EV chargers and more. We also run Aotearoa’s only not-for-profit electricity retailer, Toast Electric, which provides electricity services in the Wellington, Kapiti and […]

Harbour City Tree Care

We do all the usual tree stuff such as planting, pruning, dead wooding, dealing with broken branches and storm damage through to removal, but we do a few other things as well. We can provide you with tree risk assessments, presale or prepurchase reports on tree condition, the best free science-based tree advice that money […]

Sustainable HB is an independent registered charity, we have been in the community for 30 years. Our focus is community resilience, environment restoration and climate action. By raising community awareness, consumer practices and behaviours of sustainable actions, we aim to build a resilient connected community with strong local regenerative food systems, restored biodiversity, and a […]


SPCA helps thousands of sick, injured, abandoned, and abused animals every year. With no government funding they rely entirely on the generosity of those who choose to make a difference.

Genesis Energy

Genesis is one of Aotearoa’s largest energy companies. With 1,200 dedicated staff spread nationwide, we are committed to propelling New Zealand towards a sustainable future. We sell electricity, reticulated & natural gas, and LPG, to more than 480,000 homes and businesses across the country. Focusing on supporting EV owners, we offer seamless EV charging experiences […]

Toast Electric

Toast Electric is a not-for-profit electricity retailer powered by Sustainability Trust, servicing homes and small businesses in Wellington, Porirua, the Hutt Valley, Kāpiti and Horowhenua. Our mission is to eliminate energy hardship, by providing fair and competitive pricing while also lowering household carbon emissions. Our profits provide support for low-income households that are making the […]

Bioptron Light and Colour Therapy

FREE TREATMENTS! Bioptron is a medical device which supports a range of medical conditions, including: Chronic Pain Neck & Back Pain Wounds & Scars Acne & Psoriasis Sports Injuries Ageing Inflammation Arthritis Immune System Seasonal Affective Disorder

Wellington City Council: Climate Change Response

In this time of urgent change for a better climate and ecological future, we have an opportunity to rethink how we live work and play, creating a regenerative and resilient Wellington that is better for everyone. Wellington City Council has committed to become a net zero emission city by 2050, halving our city’s carbon footprint […]

Blueprint Chiropractic

The body is an amazing organism and when everything is aligned, it can heal itself. At Blueprint we look to maximise the healing potential in the body. We do this through adjustments to the spine. An adjustment is when the chiropractor uses their own hands or an instrument that applies a force to the spine/body […]