Alpha-stim for Mental Health/Clarify

Can you please the wording to the following: Alpha-Stim is a Medsafe-registered medical device which is clinically proven to reduce: anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain. Over 90% effectiveness, used by NHS, Doctors and Military Portable, painless and easy to use from 20-min a day. Safe, drug free, no risk of addiction or lasting side effects To hire or to […]

Superhome Movement

Superhome Movement shares information about new design ideas, technologies and building techniques; connecting leading experts in the industry and with each other and the wider community. To provide better value for money, superior designed and resiliently built, environmentally sound homes that are more energy efficient, healthier, warmer and dryer. We can build low energy or […]

NZHL Mandeville Street

NZHL is a 100% kiwi-owned company that’s passionate about helping New Zealanders achieve financial freedom faster. Having Financial freedom allows you to live your best life and we can offer sustainable initiatives to support this. Ask us about our Sustainable Energy Loans.

Smart Systems

Smart Solar prides itself on delivering excellent solar solutions for all of our customers, from the original consultation stage, the design, and implementation. With a team of solar installers who are also registered electricians the Smart Solar team is well equipped and ready to handle any size job. We do not sub-contract our installation to […]

The Good Soil Company

The Good Soil Company are producers of Natural Liquid Fertilizer made from Aerated Worm Castings and a special blend of Natural Additives. DESIGNED BY NATURE AN ORGANIC ALTERNATIVE TO CHEMICALS. Our products include Natural Worm Tea, Worm Castings, Vermicast, Tiger Worms, Worm Farms, Worm Tea Kits and Educational assistance. Associate to The Soil Food Web […]


About CoolSpaces As a Sustainable House Campaigner, Claudia K. offers Small, Architectural, Prefab Homes designed by National & International Architects.

Aurora Capital

New Zealand’s first future-focused KiwiSaver scheme. We provide high quality investment products with great financial advice. Hard-working Kiwi families are the backbone of our country, and through long-term investing with KiwiSaver, we believe it’s possible for Kiwi families to create financial wealth and stability that they can share and enjoy with others.

CAEAYARON’S Global Love Wave

The 7 Fundamentals of Light Concepts Workshops Do you desire to discover the keys to New Creation Manifestation? Would you explore how these keys can help you to help yourself grow in greater peace, love, self-motivation, confidence, guidance, purpose, hope and joy? Universal Love Flows While you are at the stall why not experience the […]

The Christchurch Vegan Society

The Christchurch Vegan Society provides information, activities and support for vegans, vegetarians and anyone else interested in these lifestyles, living in, or visiting Christchurch. We offer events such as the Vegan Expo, Vegan Camp, the Vegan Ball, restaurant meals, vegan potlucks and film nights. And co-ordinate many groups such as Team Vegan, Veggie Rainbow Community, […]

Pathfinder Kiwisaver Plan

We are Pathfinder, ethical investment specialists. We have just launched CareSaver, New Zealand’s most Ethical KiwiSaver. It’s called CareSaver because it’s for Kiwis who care about our planet and its people. It’s also for Kiwis who care about investing wisely for their retirement. We are excited to help all investors align their ethical principals with […]